Knowledge to Marketing to Branding & Beyond...

The number of advancements in the last century or so i.e., in Technology, Medical & Healthcare and Banking & Finance has impacted the business world to such an extent that certain ways and processes of conducting business activities become obsolete with in a decade or so, which more or less acts as a double edged sword, highly lucrative but at the same time extremely volatile and uncertain in nature. The 21st century is often categorized as the era where the standards of living have been redefined in a manner where one can essentially say that every necessity that I, as a person has, can easily be satisfied with just a click of a button. Giving away unprecedented amounts of opportunities for various business organizations to capitalize on, further giving rise to so much competition in the market that the aspect of  differentiating between any two competitors opened up a whole new world of business undertaking known as Branding and Marketing. Globalization, urbanization and modernization further aided the growth of this new business avenue, and soon enough it became an indispensable part of the business world and every organization started making strenuous and productive efforts to calibrate it into their business structure.


But first, it is important to understand the difference between branding and marketing so that one can effectively attempt to integrate them together. Essentially, marketing is a way to increase brand and product awareness and thereby increase sales, while branding is a way to express the business as a whole. Think of marketing as your brand and business building tool. What is your general approach to achieving your goals? Target a group of customers according to their needs. Brand is one of the main pillars of your marketing strategy, so it always comes first. Whether you are trying to make your own place in the market or seeking development, it is important to figure out who your company is as a brand before making a marketing plan.

The upcoming technologically superior and innovatively adept business scenario has now turned into an ecosystem exhibiting constant change, therefore the new age of business boasts an unprecedented amount of opportunities to be tapped into, on a real time basis. Modern techniques and tools have completely revolutionized the marketing scenario nowadays and stemming from this very revolutionary change the concept of Marketing on digital platforms originated, which has completely changed the way how various enterprises now approach their branding activities. The digital marketplace has now become a go to marketing avenue for various organizations to target a set of their prospective customer base, irrespective of its size, nature and portfolio.

This justifies the approach of clearly defining your company’s identity and brand i.e., careful selection of illustrations, logos, typography and commercial colors to reflect your brand value and meaning. For example, if you are a bold and youth oriented brand, you are more likely to choose a vibrant color palette and sharp sound. If you are a traditional and enduring brand, you might choose softer colors and refined fonts for your website and email templates. All in all your branding activities should carefully consider what you are trying to achieve and promote and how you wish to position yourself as a brand that provides certain key features and benefits to its clients with which you will essentially be recognized and associated in the market.