Violet provides Bulk Voice Messages or Outbound Dialing (OBD) Solutions across both national and international borders. With our indigenous digital and technological background our clients always get the best quality service, anyone can offer in the market. Violet provides interactive as well as non-interactive Outbound Dialing Solutions along with Bulk Voice Calling (National/International), Voice Calls API extensions, Single to Multiple Line Bulk Voice Messages service and other voice related transactional services.

Voice call service providers

We can create and initiate successful voice call campaigns with just a few clicks. We help you connect with your audience through the best voice call services. Easily record voice calls through an automated online system and send them to customers across regions. We provide you with a fully functional online dashboard. You don’t have to rely on an operator or reminder to dial the number. After installing the system, record your voice mail, upload your contact list, and the rest is done. Our system calls customers as scheduled

Bulk Voice Call Services
What is the voice call service?

Easily record, send and manage voice calls. Voice call service can help you easily contact customers through pre-recorded messages. With just a few clicks, you can create a voicemail and automate the call process. Use the voice call service to easily manage and track call records. Use our service to send important information such as:

  • notifications/reminders
  • Business promotion
  • Current offers and deals
  • Social campaigns
  • Customer survey
Services Offered

Auto Redialing unanswered calls

Increase penetration rate with the maximum number of successful calls. We will only charge for incoming calls.

Cost Effective marketing

Deliver messages to your customers at an affordable price

Higher call response

Automatic redial increases customers' chances of hearing voice messages

Excellent call quality

The voice call quality is better than traditional calls.Therefore, the success rate is higher.
Voice call features

Our services are tailored to your needs and provide effective Voice call solutions. Accurately provide the voice communication customers want and turn calls into potential customers.

Voice broadcasting facilities

Broadcast the latest news, deals and offers to your audience and increase your sales.

Schedule campaign

Schedule a specific date and time to be called. The system calls automatically.

Audience segmentation

Use multiple voice calls to specify the target audience based on the user's identity and purpose.

User-Friendly platform

Our reliable and easy-to-use platform allows you to set up and make batch calls.

Support multiple languages

The software has customizable voice functions that can cover a wider audience.

24x7 Technical Support

Our team will provide round the clock support to you.