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There are more than 3.9 billion various social media platforms users in the world. People all over the world spend a lot of quality time on them, whether a few hours at once or periodically throughout the day. This means there are billions and billions of eyes constantly scrolling through posts, videos, photos, status updates, and, yes, advertisements. Violet being one of the Best PPC Advertisements Service specializes in al kinds of PPC Campaign Management Services, Pay Per Click Marketing & Advertising  & other Online Media/Social Media PPC Advertisements Services.
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Social Media Platforms are much more than what just meets the eye. In fact, it can be a huge resource for your business if used properly.
PPC Campaign Management
We are a compact and bright team of marketing professionals. For the past 6 years, we’ve helped startups, mom-and-pop shops, and big corporations realize the potential of Online Media Marketing to grow a customer base, retain those customers, and bring new ones on board.
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How Does It Actually Work

There is a whole systematic process that governs a proper PPC Service campaign process. 

Happy Clients
Happy Clients

Products & Services

Firstly, the products & services to be marketed through a PPC Campaign are analyzed.


Goals are defined and keywords are set accordingly.

Right Approach

A target audience is identified and the right approach to target them is finalized.


Bids are estimated.

Ad groups

Ad groups and Campaigns are finalized. Scaling of the campaign is commenced.


Finally, the advertisement is launched and constant reporting and monitoring goes on side by side to estimate the success of the campaign.
Check your Website’s SEO

Well then when it comes to advertising, there is no medium in the world that has more information about its users than these social media platforms. It includes much more than just your age, gender, and alma mater. While those things are valuable for marketing purposes, it also knows which websites you visit and how often, how much time you spend doing various things online, and what you purchase. From a business marketing standpoint, that stuff is gold, extremely useful for any PPC Company near me, and thankfully it’s right there for the taking, if you know where to find it and how to use it and that’s exactly where Violet Digital comes into play.

Benefits of a PPC Campaign with Violet
Online Media Marketing & PPC Campaigns are an ongoing process. We respond to what works and move on fast from what doesn’t. Therefore, we anticipate at least 1 and half month from our cooperation start to the date your campaign is launched. After that, we monitor and adjust, presenting reports to you on a monthly basis.

Budget Friendly

It is a sure shot strategy to effectively utilize your budget which is to be spent various marketing activities.

Brand Recognition

PPC Services helps in strengthening your Brand Image and assures much wider Brand Recognition in the market.

Recognized Experts

Violet is also a Specialist in Google Ads & Adwords Management & Services and are also recognized as Facebook/Instagram Ad Management Services Experts by its clients.

Systematic Approach

PPC Ad Services also ensures a systematic approach to monitor, record, analyse and readjust a particular campaign carefully suited to your objectives and the needs of the market.

Top Notch Services

Violet boasts of having one of the best track records in the Tricity of delivering top notch PPC Services.

Focusing Services

PPC Services are also extremely beneficial when it comes to focusing the campaign of your products & services to a specific set of target consumer base, in retrospect Violet holds a great amount of expertise in.