Bulk Messaging Services

So what is Bulk Messaging you ask?

Bulk Messaging service is a powerful mobile marketing tool available to numerous business owners who wish to market themselves directly to a large group of pre-determined or pre-specified target audience base. Essentially one can create a sample text or voice note to be broadcasted across a wide range of customers, be it for informational, launch of a product or service, capacity to avail a service or even a public interest message. Bulk messaging enables you to directly include all your prospects into a single bubble where you can rest assured that each and every one of them has been exposed to your marketing or informational message, which in turn considerably increases your target market engagement.

Best Bulk Messaging Services in Chandigarh

Advantages of using a Bulk Messaging Sviceer


  • Cost Efficient – It is one of the cheapest forms of communicating your message with your target audience group, with the surety of it being delivered
  • Quick – It is indeed one of the fastest ways to directly broadcast your message across a large group of consumers.
  • Effective – It is also often termed as one of the most highly effective and efficient means of communicating a marketing message with 90% delivery rate.
  • High Return – Since its effectiveness and response time is quite evidently unmatched when compared to any other means of communication it also often guarantees high Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Personal Touch – The message is often created or designed keeping every consumer in mind, therefore more often than not, there is indeed a personal touch involved in the delivery of a Bulk Messaging Service inducing a sense of importance in the minds of the consumers.
  • Instant feedback – Finally your target audience also get option of provide you with instant feedback, which is extremely beneficial for your clients and equally rewarding for your business as well. Being able to get an instant response or feedback helps you to understand the needs and requirements of your clients and cater to them in a much better, efficient and productive way fuelling your future business growth prospects.

Violet having an automation and a technical background since its inception, is recognized one of the Best Bulk SMS Service Providers in the market. We have delivered a number of high scaled projects throughout the Government and Enterprise space and boast a great clientele across many industries.


Violet inherently has developed certain competencies which indeed has enabled us to provide top notch and Best Rated Bulk Voice Messages or Out Bound Dialling (OBD) Solutions for our clients. Be it a long tailed informational message or even an introductory voice awareness message we are equipped in catering all your customizable needs.

WhatsApp Messaging

With the growing trends of various social media channels and platform, not being able to capitalize upon them will be a huge waste. The growth of specific business media platforms, especially WhatsApp Business, hasn’t gone unnoticed to the diligent eyes of our experts and we have made sure to build and provide a specific solution focused on WhatsApp Messaging Platform. With a WhatsApp Manager and Analytics Report Interface, Violet ensures that you are always in touch with your ongoing campaigns and are also able to measure the success of the campaign in an effective and timely manner.