Violet is equipped with a team which has a considerable amount of experience in handling government projects. Everyone in this age has long realised the need for digitization and automation in their organizational structure for seamless operational activities and Violet itself has been pro-digitization since its very inception. We aim to revitalize different sectors of the economy with our digitally innovative and technologically integrated solutions, eventually aiding in reaching the helm of this digitized era.

Real Estate

Violet as an organization is also making huge strides for the upgradation of the real estate sector. Our new and innovative CRM software Services  can actually pan out to be real breakthroughs for various real estate business owners. Our click-2-call back bot (TAPPER) can certainly be extremely beneficial for the real estate market, helping them to capitalize on their client leads in real time basis with great efficiency and an integrated environment of automation, thereby unleashing a whole new competency rivalling any competitor in the market.

Hospitality & Tourism

Violet righteously believes that the ability to power up your operations from a digital point of view along with the enhancing capabilities to automate any process, is the redefining aspect of today’s market and every industry must definitely utilize its scope to market themselves in a much more creative and consistent way. Hospitality and Tourism sector in particular can hugely benefit from digital marketing campaigns and techniques since social media is the most innovative and inexpensive way to display any certain characteristic or trait to a potentially huge target audience, extremely suited for this industry type.

Food & Beverages

Violet inherits the belief to digitally automate and compliments the needs of the market in today’s business scenario. Every sector has a dearth of digital and automation expertise in one way or another across their operational hierarchy and attempts to fill this gap continuously. Violet is capable of delivering consistent digital solutions backed with automation expertise to satisfy these needs, customizable as per the nature of the industry and the requirements of their clients. Cloud Kitchens, digital menus, online food delivery portals, etc are just some of the revolutionary changes in the Food & Beverage industry and Violet aims to cater to all these needs to meet their growing clientele’s demands.

Health & Fitness

Violet has also been making huge strides to digitally automate the Health and Fitness sector. With some prominent clients Violet has successfully delivered innovative digital and automation solutions to many. Fitness Applications, In-built app features, broadcast campaigns, podcast features, etc. are just some of the vivid solutions that Violet has delivered to their clients over the course of their business undertaking.

Education Sector

Violet is no stranger to the fact that one of the most fast growing and innovatively adept industries right now in this digital ecosystem is the Education Sector. Digitization has had a considerable impact upon the way education institutions operate. Remote and online learning is the new norm and actually in a lot of demand right now. Our OBD and IVR solutions, Call Center Solutions and innovative product line can cater to the growing needs of this industry in an extremely productive way. Violet also provides training and learning opportunities to many, who seek hands on industrial experience especially in software and app development fields.

Retail Sector

Violet has also successfully rendered digitally automated solutions to the retail sector, since it’s quite clear that a simple but a technically competitive and superior solution can reap great benefits if implemented efficiently and effectively. Online Operative dashboard, CRM tools for super bazaars and agent allocation and management systems are just some of the tools which Violet provides to automate complex operations in various retail organization’s operational hierarchies in order to simplify these complex processes, enabling any particular organization to employ their resources efficiently and productively.