Mobile App Development

In this age of intense technological expansion and modernization smart phones have been a revolutionary advancement for the people of this day and age. Due to this immense upgradation, practically one can access any kind of service with just a click of a button on their smart phone and literally everything is accessible within the palm of their hands.

Now, Mobile or Smart Phone App Development services have become such an indispensable part of the modern IT and Marketing scenario that numerous industries are venturing into this space to capitalize on the opportunities in the marketplace so created by this technological advancement. Gaming, insurance, banking & finance, e-commerce, operation management systems, food & beverages, etc. you just name it and you will find something or another related to that field of business on an application accessible on a mobile or smart phone.

Aside from having a direct access to innumerable customers there are also certain key benefits of developing a mobile app i.e.,

Best Mobile App Development Services in Chandigargh

Increase in Brand Visibility

Having a mobile app undoubtedly increases your brand reach and visibility by providing your customers an easy access to your online business address

Reinforces your Brand Value

Having a mobile app also helps in reaffirming your brand value in the minds of your consumers, as it helps you to prioritize each and every customer of yours.

Ensures Brand loyalty

Having a mobile app for your customers also ensures a trustworthy and long lasting relationship with them which in turn boosts your brand loyalty as well.

IOS products are undoubtedly one of the leading electronic devices in the market and leaving them untapped would be a complete understatement, since the potential of developing an IOS application are unprecedentedly huge. There are millions of Apple users in the market and Violet recognizes this opportunity quite extensively and is identified as one of the leading IOS App Developers in the market.


Violet is an expert in developing Android Mobile Application and we have successfully delivered such solutions to a number of clients catering to a lot of their customized needs. Call Centre Solutions, CRM Platforms, E-commerce Portals, etc. are just some of our concentrated competencies.

React Native

React Native – Now when it comes to creating a Hybrid Application which works on both an Android and an IOS platform, Violet has held a certain dominant stance in it since our inception. We categorise ourselves as React Native experts and have successfully delivered countless projects in it, enabling innumerable clients to grow as business and increase their business opportunities extensively.